Lee Jun Ho Joins Honor Society of Community Chest of Korea, “I Will Share the Love I’ve Received”

Lee Jun Ho, member of 2PM and actor, has joined the Honor Society, a group of top donors for the Community Chest of Korea (also known as the Fruit of Love).

On the 19th, Lee Jun Ho attended the ceremony at Shinhan Bank headquarters in Seoul, officially becoming a member of the Honor Society.

This group is for high-value donors who give at least 100 million KRW (around 100,000 USD). With this, Lee Jun Ho continues to make a positive impact.

Receiving his membership plaque, Lee Jun Ho said, “I am thankful to be able to contribute even a little to making a better world as a member of the Honor Society. I want to continue to share the love I’ve received and contribute to making warm-hearted changes.”

His donation will help support programs for vulnerable children overseas.

Lee Jun Ho has always shared positive energy through good deeds. He started working with World Vision, an international relief NGO, in 2011 by sponsoring children in Ethiopia and Ghana.

He became a World Vision ambassador in July 2012 and has been active in various charity activities for the past 13 years.

These include setting up booths for child sponsorship at his solo concerts in 2015, 2017, and this year, donating for water projects in Ethiopia, providing relief for children affected by COVID-19, supporting children in Korea, and joining various campaigns.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ho is set to reach global audiences with his upcoming Netflix series ‘Cashero’.

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