Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon fears her juniors might see her as ‘old-fashioned’, says “That’s my biggest worry”

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently opened up about her concerns.

In a video posted on June 19th titled “Hyoyeon’s Level Up” on her YouTube channel, Hyoyeon had announcer Kang Ji Young as a guest, and they had great chemistry.

During their chat, Kang Ji Young asked Hyoyeon, “As a host, what’s your biggest worry?” Hyoyeon replied honestly, “I host shows where I treat my juniors to meals. I want to give them advice, but I fear sometimes I might come off as old-fashioned. Even if others don’t see it that way, I worry I might.”

Hyoyeon added, “I often think, ‘Was that too old-fashioned?'” Kang Ji Young reassured her, saying, “With your experience, it’s natural to be seen that way, even if you don’t feel old-fashioned yourself.”

Reflecting on her own journey, Kang Ji Young shared, “When I give advice based on my experiences, like ‘When I started out…’ it might sound old-fashioned to some. It’s something you have to accept with time.”

She continued, “Instead of pretending otherwise, just acknowledge it. After all, surviving in this industry for over 10 years isn’t easy,” emphasizing the challenges of staying relevant.

Hyoyeon‘s candidness about her concerns resonates with many in the industry, showing her dedication to staying current while sharing her wealth of experience.



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