Former ASTRO Member Rocky Takes Charge of Composition and Lyrics for Entire ‘Blank’ Mini Album

Rocky, formerly of ASTRO, has unveiled details about his second solo mini album ‘Blank’ (BLANK).

On the midnight of the 20th, Rocky shared the tracklist for ‘Blank’ through his official social media.

Making his comeback after six months, Rocky presents four songs in ‘Blank’, including the title track ‘Jealousy’, and songs ‘We still love you’, ‘Masterpiece’, and ‘Read you’.

Once again, Rocky has been involved in composing and writing lyrics for all tracks, leaving his mark on the album.

The title track ‘Jealousy’ is a synth-pop, post-disco song that delves into the theme of destructive jealousy. Fans are eager to see how Rocky will interpret the complex emotions of jealousy through his performance.

The album showcases Rocky‘s versatility with tracks like the rock-inspired ‘We still love you’, the dance track ‘Masterpiece’, and the pop ballad ‘Read you’, produced by K-pop hitmakers SQVARE and AVENUE 52.

Establishing his own agency and gearing up for his second comeback, Rocky‘s ‘Blank’ mini album will be released on the 27th at 6 PM.

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