Actors Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been Star in Yeon Sang-ho’s ‘Revelation’ with Alfonso Cuarón as Producer

Actors Ryu Jun Yeol and Shin Hyun Been are set to star in director Yeon Sang-ho’s new movie, ‘Revelation‘.

After the success of ‘Hellbound’, Netflix is partnering again with director Yeon Sang-ho and writer Choi Gyu-seok to bring ‘Revelation’ to life.

Revelation‘ tells the story of a pastor who believes it’s his divine mission to punish the person behind a missing persons case and a detective haunted by visions of her dead younger sister while investigating the same case.

The film is based on a webtoon by Choi Gyu-seok, released in 2022.

Ryu Jun Yeol will play ‘Min-chan’, a pastor who runs a small-town church. He gets a revelation that ‘Yang-rae’, a church visitor, is the kidnapper of his son, leading him to seek justice.

Ryu Jun Yeol is expected to deliver a powerful performance as ‘Min-chan’, torn between faith and reality.

Shin Hyun Been will play ‘Yeon-hee’, a detective who suspects ‘Yang-rae’ and pursues the mysterious pastor ‘Min-chan’. ‘Yeon-hee’ is haunted by visions of her younger sister who died in a tragic crime. Shin Hyun Been‘s portrayal of ‘Yeon-hee’ is anticipated to bring intense drama to the film.

A notable collaboration is happening as well. Alfonso Cuarón, the renowned Mexican director of ‘Gravity’ and the award-winning ‘Roma’, will join ‘Revelation’ as an executive producer.

Director Yeon Sang-ho shared, “Alfonso Cuarón, known for ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Gravity’, has been a huge inspiration to me. Working with him on ‘Revelation’ is thrilling, and I have high hopes for our collaboration.”

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