TWICE’s Nayeon express her interest in joining the hit reality dating show ‘Transit Love’

TWICE‘s Nayeon has shown interest in joining the dating show ‘EXchange

On June 19th, a video on ‘KODE‘ YouTube channel featured Nayeon and announcer Lee Na Yeon chatting under nicknames ‘Squirtle‘ and ‘Pikachu‘.

When asked which dating program she’d consider, Nayeon responded, ‘Single’s Inferno’ seems fun too. But I think I need to work out a bit more since the participants there have hot bodies.Lee Na Yeon commented, “Yes, they do seem to have exceptional bodies.”

When Lee Na Yeon asked Nayeon, “What’s your favorite dating program?” Nayeon mentioned ‘EXchange,’ which Lee Na Yeon had appeared on.

To Lee Na Yeon‘s question, “Would it be okay if your ex-boyfriend reached out to you to appear on ‘EXchange’?” Nayeon honestly replied, “I think I’d feel good about it. I’d probably think, ‘Was I the prettiest?'” Lee Na Yeon reacted, “Oh, I see. That would feel satisfying.”

Nayeon also confidently guessed Lee Na Yeon‘s identity during their chat, remarking later, “I have strong intuition. It feels like her.”

In a follow-up interview, Nayeon emphasized her certainty, saying, “I really like what she does. It’s definitely Nayeon-nim. I’m 1000% sure.”



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