MAMAMOO Celebrates 10th Debut Anniversary with Fans: “Happy We Can Smile Together”

MAMAMOO marked their heartfelt reflections on their 10th debut anniversary.

On June 19th, MAMAMOO (Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, Hwasa) shared a special image commemorating their decade-long journey on their official SNS.

Since their debut in June 19, 2014, MAMAMOO has released numerous hit songs, solidifying their status as a powerhouse in the music industry with live performances that go beyond the typical idol style, including impressive ad-lib skills.

Leader Solar expressed her emotions through their agency, saying, “It still feels unreal that MAMAMOO has reached 10 years. We’ve known each other for about 13 years, including our trainee days. Moomoos (official fandom name) have been by our side since our debut, shaping MAMAMOO into what it is today. I hope we continue making wonderful memories in the future.”

Moonbyul conveyed her gratitude to fans, stating, “Over these 10 years, fans have walked alongside us, and it’s amazing how we’ve grown to understand each other’s feelings without needing words.

Wheein reflected on the journey, saying, “We’ve shared so much laughter over these 10 years together. It’s amazing to think of all the memories we and our fans have made under the name ‘MAMAMOO‘.”

Hwasa expressed her affection for the members, saying, “The past 10 years we’ve spent together hold a special place in my heart. We know each other’s sense of humor so well now, always trying to make each other laugh and sharing smiles—it’s truly wonderful.”

Meanwhile, on June 19th at 6:19 a.m., MAMAMOO released a teaser for their 10th debut anniversary project ‘MAMAMU Plans’ on their official YouTube channel.

The teaser showcased the members’ chemistry as they prepare for their anniversary celebration. They aim to present their most authentic MAMAMOO-style appearance for their 10th anniversary, with ‘MAMAMU Plans’ set to be fully revealed on June 26th at 8 p.m.

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