N.Flying’s Lee Seunghyub considers calling Byeon Woo Seok ‘hyung’ again, showing their close friendship

Lovely Runner‘ actor and N.Flying member Lee Seunghyub recently opened up about his friendship with Byeon Woo Seok.

In a video released on June 18th on ‘Hong Seok Cheon’s Treasure Box‘ YouTube channel, Lee Seunghyub appeared as a guest alongside Byeon Woo Seok from the tvN drama ‘Lovely Runner‘.

The duo’s camaraderie caught attention, with host Hong Seok Cheon introducing Lee Seunghyub by saying, “Here’s a handsome guy next to another handsome guy. My precious Woo Seok and he are very close,” creating a warm atmosphere. Hong Seok Cheon even joked, “I should give this guy a piggyback ride,” which got everyone laughing.

Lee Seunghyub shared that he had watched Byeon Woo Seok‘s previous appearance on ‘Hong Seok Cheon’s Treasure Box‘ and nervously remarked, “Sunjae mentioned feeling overwhelmed coming here, and now I understand why.”

He also mentioned feeling the tense atmosphere even before filming started.

When asked about the age gap between him and Byeon Woo Seok, Lee Seunghyub explained, “Woo Seok is just a year older than me. But since I played Sunjae’s closest friend in the drama, we decided to use informal speech. Now that the drama’s over, I’m thinking about calling him ‘hyung’ again.”

Lee Seunghyub‘s statement highlighted their bond and the chemistry they built on-screen.

Talking about the popularity surge after ‘Lovely Runner‘, Lee Seunghyub said, “My schedule has gotten busier. Normally, I’m either at the studio or the gym, so I didn’t feel the popularity on the streets. But being on ‘Treasure Box’ made me realize it.”

He candidly discussed the changes he’s experienced and the reactions from people around him since the drama aired.

Lee Seunghyub‘s comments have sparked interest among fans, demonstrating the affection for his friendship with Byeon Woo Seok and their on-screen connection loved by many.



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