Kim Jin Young Receives a lot of Acting Offer But Chose to Decline, Here’s Why

Kim Jin Young, better known as Dex, is stepping into the acting world with a new mindset.

On Wednesday afternoon, the movie “Taro” held a special meeting at CGV I’Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul. Director Choi Byung-gil attended along with actors Cho Yeo-jeong, Kim Jin Young (Dex), and Ko Kyu-pil.

“Taro” is a mystery movie about a cursed tarot card that brings a brutal fate. The movie combines three episodes into one: “Santa’s Visit” featuring Jo Yeo-jeong, “Please Abandon” with Kim Jin Young (Dex) in his first acting role, and “Going Home” starring Ko Kyu-pil.

Dex, known for his roles in shows like “Zombie Bus,” “Taegye Ilju 2/3,” and “University Sports Festival: Boys’ Training Center,” is now debuting as actor Kim Jin Young. He chose the new name to separate his entertainment persona from his acting career. “I’ve never approached acting lightly,” he said. “I wanted to meet a good character and say hello.”

Kim Jin Young felt connected to his role in “Taro.” He shared, “The role of Dong-in is similar to me. I didn’t want to just try acting; it’s my homework.”

Before “Taro,” he had other acting opportunities but declined. “I got another offer but turned it down because the character didn’t suit me. I waited for a better fit and found it with Taro,” he explained. He prepared for his role by watching YouTube videos of delivery drivers to better understand his character.

Reflecting on his acting journey, he said, “I felt a sense of achievement. I empathized with my character and enjoyed the work.” Dex added, “If I get more opportunities, I want to try action roles and simple daily life roles. Even if my acting skills are lacking, I want to use my body more.”

Director Choi Byung-gil saw Dex‘s potential early on. “I noticed him on social media and YouTube. Production companies didn’t know him well, but I did. I saw his sincerity and cast him,” Choi said. “I think he did well.”

“Taro” will be released on the 14th.

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