Chuu Regrets Losing Luxury Wallet Gifted by Fan: “I’m Prone to Losing Things”

Singer Chuu has expressed disappointment over losing a wallet gifted by a fan.

On the afternoon of the 13th, a video titled ‘Chuu, Cutest Being on Earth’ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Noppakku Tak Jae-hoon’.

Known for her tendency to misplace items, Chuu revealed that she lost the wallet shortly after receiving it. She lamented, “The wallet was a gift from a fan, and it was the first wallet I received as a gift.” When asked about the brand of the wallet by Tak Jae-hoon, Chuu revealed that it was from brand P.

In a playful scenario created by Tak Jae-hoon, imagining her boyfriend gifting her a top-tier luxury wallet, Chuu was caught off guard.

Wisely, she responded, “I’m grateful, but I won’t carry it around,” and humorously added, “It could cause controversy if it gets photographed.”

During the session, Chuu also shared a notepad listing her personal talents, which included impersonations of Park Jung-hyun, acting as a human microphone, and voice acting in games.

Her diverse talents impressed Tak Jae-hoon and the new cast, showcasing her charm.

Meanwhile, Chuu is gearing up for her comeback on the 25th with her second mini-album ‘Strawberry Rush’.

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