Lim Ji Yeon Can’t Stop Laughing at Her “The Glory” Ex-Husband’s Surprise Coffee Truck “Why Are You So Pretty? Answer Me”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon had a good chuckle when she spotted a coffee truck sent by her co-star Jung Sung-il, who plays her ex-husband in the Netflix series ‘The Glory.

On the 11th, Lim Ji Yeon shared a pic of the coffee truck on set, writing, “Thanks, sweet Sung-il oppa!”

The truck was a thoughtful gesture from Jung Sung-il, who portrayed Lim Ji Yeon‘s character’s ex-hubby Hado-young in ‘The Glory.

Jung Sung-il’s message on the truck was a funny nod to lines from the show, saying, “Why are you so pretty? Answer me. Why are you acting so well? Give it a shot,” bringing smiles all around.

The Glory‘ was a big milestone in Lim Ji Yeon‘s acting career and also introduced her to her co-star Lee Do Hyun.

Lee Do Hyun, who’s currently serving in the military, recently snagged the Best New Actor award in the film category at the ‘2024 Baeksang Arts Awards’ for his role in the movie ‘Pamyo,’ where he thanked Lim Ji Yeon, saying, “Ji-yeon. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon is busy filming the JTBC drama ‘Mrs. Ok’s Spirit’ as her next project. The series follows Ok Tae Young (played by Lim Ji Yeon), an outsider whose entire identity, including her husband, turns out to be fake, and Ye-jin Cheon Seung-hwi (played by Choo Young-woo), who risks everything to protect her, making it a gripping survival drama.



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