Hate Comments Flood Following Kim Soo Hyun and Lim Na Young’s Rumored Relationship

The aftermath of actor Kim Soo Hyun and former I.O.I member Lim Na Young being seen together at the 2024 Ultra Music Festival (UMF) Korea is causing quite a stir.

In a video capturing their moment at the festival, Kim Soo Hyun whispered to Lim Na Young amidst the crowd, and she responded naturally, sparking rumors of their relationship.

Despite both parties swiftly denying the rumors as “baseless,” the onslaught of hateful comments online is worrying.

Many netizens, especially fans who had hoped for a romance between Kim Soo Hyun and his co-star Kim Ji Won from ‘Queen of Tears,‘ feel betrayed and are expressing their frustration through hate comments.

These comments aren’t just directed at Kim Soo Hyun but also at Lim Na Young, with some ridiculing her and questioning her compatibility with Kim Soo Hyun.

With Kim Soo Hyun‘s large global fandom and the rumors spreading overseas, Lim Na Young is facing a barrage of hate comments on her personal channels in various languages.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun received praise for his role in ‘Queen of Tears,’ and Lim Na Young impressed viewers with her performance in ‘Bravo My Life.’



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