Go Joon Hee Breaks Down in Tears as She Opens Up About “Burning Sun” Scandal Accusations After 6 Years

Actor Go Joon Hee has finally addressed the rumors about her involvement in sexual entertainment at the Burning Sun club in the past.

On the 11th, Go Joon Hee spoke about the Burning Sun incident on the web entertainment show “Having Breakfast Before Leaving.” It marked the first time she directly talked about it on a broadcast.

Back in 2019, Go Joon Hee was linked to allegations of providing sexual entertainment at Burning Sun in Gangnam, Seoul. This stemmed from a chat involving singers Seungri, Jung Joon-young, and Choi Jong-hoon, revealed on SBS’s “I Want to Know” in March that year.

In the chat, they mentioned, “An actress can’t entertain investors while in the US.” Some netizens suspected Go Joon Hee, who was with the same agency as Seungri at the time and was in New York around the same time. The controversy led to her withdrawal from a drama and an indefinite hiatus.

When asked about Burning Sun, Go Joon Hee expressed her frustration, saying, “Those XXs.” She vehemently denied any involvement, saying, “I honestly don’t know why Burning Sun is dragging me into this. I’ve never been there. I’ve been saying it’s not true for years, but no one listened.”

She mentioned Seungri, saying, “I attended a breast cancer campaign event with him. We took a selfie together because we were from the same agency. I had no idea it would become an issue.”

Go Joon Hee claimed her former agency, YG Entertainment, didn’t support her and left her alone. She eventually left the company and took legal action, but the controversy led to project cancellations.

She broke down in tears, revealing, “Because of that incident, my mom got labyrinthitis. It hurts just thinking about her. She hid it from me, but I could tell she was suffering because of me.”



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