Actor Kang Hoon to Star as Love-Shy Announcer in “To My Harry”

On the 12th, Anpio Entertainment announced that Kang Hoon will join the cast of the Genie TV original drama “To My Harry.”

To My Harry” follows the story of Eun-ho (played by Shin Hye Sun), an announcer with a new personality emerging from deep emotional wounds, and Hyun-oh (played by Lee Jin Wook), her ex-boyfriend who hides emotional scars beneath the surface, in a romance drama.

Kang Hoon will portray Kang Joo Yeon, an announcer who graduated from the Army Academy. With a cold personality, Kang Joo Yeon is a confirmed bachelor who completed middle school, high school, and the Army Academy.

The drama will explore his journey as a former army officer who chose the path of an announcer instead of becoming an officer, highlighting his struggles even in simple conversations with female colleagues at work.



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