Candy Shop Teases Refreshing Summer Comeback with ‘Girls Don’t Cry’

The ‘brave girl group’ Candy Shop is gearing up for a comeback with a refreshing summer anthem.

Candy Shop (Soram, Sui, Sarang, Julia) is set to drop their second mini-album, ‘Girls Don’t Cry,‘ on various music platforms at 6 p.m. on the 12th.

This comeback, just three months after their debut album, ‘Hashtag#,’ features four tracks showcasing their musical evolution.

To showcase their growth, Candy Shop boldly released the music video for one of their double title tracks, ‘Don’t Cry,’ on the 7th.

This move reflects their confidence in their music’s maturity, addressing social issues in the video to inspire courage and hope in Gen Z. Here’s what to expect from Candy Shop‘s latest release:

Proving Musical Growth… Continuing as a ‘Gen Z Favorite’

‘Girls Don’t Cry’ highlights Candy Shop‘s musical evolution. The album boasts lively tracks like the double title tracks ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘Tumbler (Hot & Cold),’ along with ‘Welcome To My World’ and ‘Good Girl (Remix),’ all showcasing Candy Shop’s vibrant charm. They are determined to remain a ‘Gen Z favorite’ by delivering music and lyrics that resonate with this audience.

Refreshing Teen Vibes… A Summer Anthem for Gen Z

The first title track, ‘Don’t Cry,’ offers solace to those facing tough times, promising sunny days ahead. The pre-released music video captures the essence of teenage summers. The second title track, ‘Tumbler (Hot & Cold),’ explores the emotional rollercoaster of love. With its refreshing synth sound, it’s a summer anthem that embodies Candy Shop‘s unique style.

Unified Visuals… Dazzling Chemistry

With the addition of new member Julia, Candy Shop has been generating buzz with their captivating visuals in teaser content. They radiate fresh energy and charm in a cheerful atmosphere. Through summer-themed visuals reminiscent of school vacations, they hint at the team’s cohesive synergy, raising expectations for their upgraded music and performances.



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