BTS V’s little interaction with Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young brings a smile on many faces

BTSV has brought smiles to many while serving in the military.

On June 9th, a fan account of Big Mama shared a video titled “Hello Senior, I am BTS’s V.”

In the video, Lee Ji Young from Big Mama was backstage at a performance venue when V, dressed in his military uniform, walked up and introduced himself, saying, “Hello, I am BTS’s V.”

Lee Ji Young was surprised and exclaimed, “Wow, BTS!” V then explained, “I am on patrol.” Lee Ji Young complimented him, saying, “You look even more impressive in your uniform,” and V responded with a respectful 90-degree bow while shaking her hand.

V added, “I have to go back on patrol,” and gave a salute to Lee Ji Young. She returned the salute, showing a warm moment between them.

Throughout the video, V kept a sharp posture and a bright smile, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Young also posted her interaction with V on her Instagram.

V enlisted last December and is now serving in the Army’s 2nd Corps Military Police Special Task Force.



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