Suzy and Park Bo Gum exchange playful banter once again on ‘Wonderland’ behind the scenes

‘Wonderland’ stars Park Bo Gum and Suzy, the new lovebirds, were spotted sharing a playful moment once more.

On June 7th, Suzy posted a video on her social media. The clip showcased her and actor Park Bo Gum, her on-screen and off-screen love interest from the film ‘Wonderland.’

In the shared video, the duo is seen donning flight attendant uniforms, posing for the camera. Park Bo Gum introduced himself as “Hello, I’m Park Tae Joo,” referring to his character’s name in the movie. Suzy greeted back with a cheerful, “Hello, Tae Joo.”

As the video progressed, Park Bo Gum accidentally called himself “Park Bo Gum,” leading Suzy to playfully chide him, “Why are you acting like you’re Park Bo Gum?” This sparked laughter.

Suzy didn’t stop there, she continued her playful teasing, “He sometimes believes he’s Park Bo Gum. He does bear a resemblance, but who do you think you are, Park Bo Gum?”

Park Bo Gum joined in the fun, asking, “Don’t I look somewhat like him?”



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