‘Single’s Inferno 3’ star Lee Kwan Hee thinks Yoon Ha Jung hasn’t moved on from him yet, “She calls me often”

Lee Kwan Hee and Yoon Ha Jung‘s fun interactions are catching everyone’s attention.

On the June 8th episode of MBC‘s variety show ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere,’ basketball player Lee Kwan Hee appeared and showed off his charm.

Lee Kwan Hee was introduced as the standout from ‘Single’s Inferno 3.’ Key points included his 190cm height, role as a shooting guard, 14 years in the game, and his dedication to self-care.

When asked about visiting MBC, he said, “It’s my first time here. I feel like I’ve made it.” Song Eun Yi mentioned, “I usually don’t watch dating shows, but I heard about you this season.” Lee Kwan Hee replied confidently, “Season 4 is in the works, and without me, there wouldn’t be a Season 4.”

Lee Kwan Hee added, “If we had more time on ‘Single’s Inferno 3,’ I could have gotten all the votes.” He explained, “We only filmed for 9 days. Compared to other dating shows, that’s short. If we had 1 or 2 more weeks, I think I would have received all the votes. Even the women here would have chosen me,” showing his confidence.

Song Eun Yi commented, “This is the charm of being straightforward.” Lee Kwan Hee responded, “People might not like me at first, but after about 5 weeks, they usually start to like me.”

In a video of his daily life, Lee Kwan Hee met up with ‘Single’s Inferno 3‘ members Park Min Kyu, Yoon Ha Jung, Yoo Si Eun, Lee Jin Seok, and Son Won Ik.

They talked about the negative comments they received. He said, “I thought I was okay. My way of interacting is different. Over time, people will understand my sincerity. I build relationships for the long term, but some people might have misunderstood me.”

He added, “I apologized after the show for not remembering their names. I really couldn’t remember. Other than that, there are no scenes I regret.”

When Lee Kwan Hee offered to buy a meal, Yoon Ha Jung immediately suggested eel rice bowl. Lee Kwan Hee remarked, “Isn’t eel rice bowl the most expensive? Why are you ordering a 40,000 won dish?” showing their close bond.

When asked what she liked about Lee Kwan Hee, Yoon Ha Jung replied, “He is the funniest. The other guys weren’t funny. Won Ik oppa is boring, Ha Min oppa is boring. Min Woo doesn’t respond when you talk to him.”

Lee Kwan Hee humorously added, “She would call a guy 10 years older into her room and scold him. The only person who scolds me is our team coach.”

Yoon Ha Jung retorted, “I was sitting outside, and you said, ‘You have nothing to do, right? Come in,’ so I did. You brought the scolding upon yourself. I’ve moved on from you, so I’m not really angry anymore.”

When the MCs asked if this might lead to feelings, Lee Kwan Hee joked, “I think Ha Jung still can’t forget me. We still keep in touch often and have meals together. She keeps asking what I’m doing in the evenings.”

‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ is a show that reveals the real daily lives of stars through their managers’ reports.



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