EXO’s Suho promises to treat aespa members to a meal but can’t due to their busy schedules

EXO‘s Suho brought his bright personality to the airwaves.

On June 9th, during KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show‘, a phone call with Suho grabbed listeners’ attention.

When asked about what he’s been up to lately, Suho shared, “I just finished filming a drama, then dropped my solo album, and I’ve been busy promoting it.” Describing his new song ‘Dot Line Face (1 to 3)’, Suho explained, “It’s got a British rock vibe with funky guitar and bass, plus disco-style touches. Like connecting dots to make a face, it’s my music unfolding.”

Showing love for Park Myung Soo, Suho said, “He knows a lot about music. We had a good chat when I released my last album. I’d love to catch up with him again.” Park Myung Soo warmly replied, “Just say the word, and I’m there.”

Suho had promised to treat his SM junior group aespa to a meal. But he admitted, “They’re busy, so I haven’t been able to do it yet.” Park Myung Soo joked, “If you’re treating, count me in. I’ll foot the bill,” sparking laughter.

Talking about future plans, Suho said, “I’ll talk to my company about our content idea.” When Park Myung Soo teased, “You’ve got some sway,” Suho humbly responded, “I’ve been with SM for 13 years, but there are seniors with 20 years’ experience. I’m not that big.”

Park Myung Soo teased back, “Maybe it’s time for some to retire,” and Suho fired back, “But TVXQ and Super Junior are still going strong,” getting laughs from everyone.



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