aespa and NewJeans Keep their Friendship Strong with Collaborative Dance Challenges

aespa and NewJeans, two rising girl groups, are deepening their bond through fun challenges.

On the 9th, news from the K-pop scene revealed that both groups posted short videos on TikTok, joining in each other’s song challenges.

In these videos, aespa‘s Winter and Ningning took part in NewJeans‘ ‘How Sweet’ challenge, while NewJeansMinji and Haerin joined aespa‘s ‘Armageddon’ challenge.

Though Hyein from NewJeans couldn’t join due to an injury, fans were excited to see the collaboration, especially as the videos were filmed at the headquarters of HYBE and SM Entertainment.

Fans were reminded of past collaborations between Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls, sparking nostalgia.

While it’s common for top groups to support each other’s challenges, there’s some tension due to recent issues between HYBE‘s Chairman Bang Si Hyuk and Ador Min-hee Jin.

However, aespa and NewJeans, both riding high on the charts with “Supernova” and “How Sweet,” are overcoming challenges together, forming a strong bond.

Some fans even came up with cute nicknames like ‘AeJeans’ or ‘Newspa’. In the ever-changing world of K-pop, fans are cheering for these girls who support each other and keep shining.



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