This Comedian Looks Like Han Ji Min After Losing 11kg from Tennis

Comedian Shin Bong Sun recently shared updates on her activities with fellow comedians.

On the 7th, television personality Shin Bong Sun posted on her personal channel, saying, “Kkuee hee hee, gathered with my favorite people~~ #Promotion for the musical ‘Menopause Pose.’ Going out for ‘Noon Hope Songs’ soon and also for ‘Two O’clock Date’~~,” along with a group photo.

Shin Bong Sun had a delightful meeting with senior and junior comedians, including Jo Hye Ryun, Ahn Young Mi, and Kim Shin Young.

She also revealed her successful diet secret after losing weight. On the 7th, she posted a photo with the caption “Rapid change” on her social media.

In the photo, Shin Bong Sun confidently posed in the studio, highlighting her sharp jawline. Even after successful dieting, she continues her steady self-management, flaunting her enhanced beauty, which captivated fans’ attention.

Shin Bong Sun’s steady tennis workouts were mentioned as her diet secret. She shared on social media, “Even though results from exercise don’t appear overnight, I keep wanting more and complain that I haven’t learned much. When I’m restless and stressed, nothing beats this,” revealing her recent obsession with tennis.

Announcing her weight loss of 11kg through her personal channel last November, she emphasized, “I succeeded in losing 11kg through exercise and dietary control. I reduced my weight from 65.4kg to 53.8kg in just 100 days. My muscles also improved,” achieving a healthy diet.

Additionally, Shin Bong Sun boasted an impressive InBody score of 84 points. Born in 1980, she is 44 years old this year, and this result places her in the top 1% among her peers, surprising fans.

Meanwhile, Shin Bong Sun stars in the musical ‘Menopause,’ which addresses middle-aged women’s concerns.

The production delivers a message that menopause is a new beginning. Shin Bong Sun, along with comedian Jo Hye-ryun and actress Kim Hyun-suk, portrays typical middle-aged women who suffer from depression due to hormonal imbalances despite appearing typical in society, playing the role of a full-time housewife.



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