Lee Hyori Shed Tears Over Mom’s 30-Year-Old-Style Ojingeo Guk(Squid Soup), Here’s Why

Singer Lee Hyori couldn’t hold back tears reminiscing about her mom’s 30-year-old-style ojingeo guk.

On the 9th, on JTBC’s “Mom, Shall We Travel Alone Together?” Lee Hyori reminisced about the ojingeo guk she enjoyed 30 years ago, as her mom showcased her cooking skills during their trip. Her mom brought along homemade soybean paste, red pepper paste, and shrimp paste, all from home, planning to cook for her daughter during their getaway.

As Lee Hyori watched her mom cook after so long, she discreetly filmed her mom’s back, concealing her emotions, remarking, “Back then, mom must have been just like this.”

Throughout the trip, Lee Hyori remembered her late grandmother and delved into questions like “Who taught you how to cook?” and “Since when have you been cooking?”

After tasting the ojingeo guk as her mom requested, Lee Hyori quietly slipped into her room and shed tears, unbeknownst to her mom.

During dinner, her mom filled Lee Hyori‘s bowl with ojingeo guk, saying, “It’s been a while since mom cooked for you.”

Lee Hyori, while silently eating, couldn’t contain her tears, surprising her mom. Lee Hyori‘s emotional reaction to the ojingeo guk sparks curiosity about her inner thoughts.

Meanwhile, in the latest analysis by the Good Data Corporation on the popularity of TV-OTT integrated dramas for the 5th week of May, Lee Hyori from JTBC’s “Mom, Shall We Travel Alone Together?” ranked first.

The third episode of “Mom, Shall We Travel Alone Together?” aired on the 9th at 9:10 p.m.



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