Kim Jae Joong’s Ideal Type Revealed, Hong Ji Yoon Offers to Pack for Him

Trot singer Hong Ji Yoon recently shared her admiration for singer Kim Jae Joong.

On the afternoon of the 7th, during KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Shin Sang Chul Shi Pyeonstorang” (hereafter referred to as “Pyenstorang”), Kim Jae Joong snapped a self-shot with an instant camera.

Taking extra care, Kim Jae Joong created a self-photo card, musing, “I should give this to my fans as a gift.”

He then made a call to his local manager in Japan and effortlessly conversed in Japanese at a native speaker level.

Kim Jae Joong, who actively performs in Japan, boasts a massive fan base that fills concert venues.

Hong Ji Yoon attested, “Whenever I turn on the TV in Japan, he’s always there,” and Jang Min Ho agreed, saying, “That’s true.”

Having won the Best Supporting Actor Award in a Japanese drama debut, Kim Jae Joong is a top idol in Japan, excelling in entertainment, dramas, and performances.

His popularity extends beyond Japan, captivating fans worldwide. Kim Jaejoong humorously shared, “Flying feels like a routine—14 to 16 flights a month!”

However, there’s one thing he despises: packing. “I have to pack for a 3-night business trip,” he lamented. “Preparing three sets of clothes is a hassle. But the worst part? When I return to Korea, I unpack, only to pack again for another trip a few days later! It’s…” He sighed deeply.

As he diligently packed his bags, Kim Jae Joong playfully sang, “The most dreaded thing in the world is packing~,” eliciting laughter.

Then, he confessed, “Is there anyone who can pack for me? If so, I’ll cook for them for life.”

In the studio, Hong Ji Yoon casually volunteered, “I’ll pack for you!” Her fan sentiment activated, and Kim Jae Joong exclaimed, “Oh my!” in surprise. Boom chimed in, “Many would gladly pack for you,” confirming Kim Jae Joong’s immense popularity. Hong Ji Yoon nodded, adding, “Absolutely.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Shin Sang Chul Shi Pyeonstorang” introduces a novel concept: celebrities with excellent taste reveal dishes too good to eat alone.

The winning dish, chosen by the menu evaluation team, is then released nationwide in convenience stores the day after the broadcast.



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