Han Ye Seul Shares Excitement for 25-Day Honeymoon with 10-Years-Younger Husband

Actress Han Ye Seul is overjoyed about her month-long honeymoon.

On the 7th, Han Ye Seul exclaimed, “Yeehaw! Started with great excitement, but now feeling a bit queasy,” while having a blast on a luxurious boat.

Amid Europe’s picturesque coastal towns, Han Ye Seul enjoyed her honeymoon with a big smile.

She shared stories from her trip, saying, “Eating and eating… I thought, ‘Can’t take it anymore, is there a place to get off? Land ahoy!'”

Han Ye Seul and her husband set off from Korea on the 14th of last month, starting their honeymoon journey titled “ON MY WAY TO HONEYMOON” from Incheon International Airport.

From then until today, the 7th of this month, Han Ye Seul has been exploring Europe on her honeymoon for a total of 25 days.

Earlier on the 7th, a video was posted on Han Ye Seul‘s channel ‘Han Ye Seul is,’ surprising fans with news of her marriage declaration with her boyfriend.

Expressing her happiness, she said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment to share some joyful news. There’s no change in what I consider good.”

She announced her marriage declaration with her boyfriend of three years. Han Ye Seul exclaimed, “By the time this video is released, the marriage declaration will already have been made. Now we’re officially a married couple. I’m now off the market,” revealing her excitement.

She continued, “In fact, I’ve always been off the market. Throughout my relationship with my boyfriend, we never considered each other as girlfriend or boyfriend, but always as lifelong partners. The term ‘married’ feels a bit surreal.”

She added, “Marriage or not wasn’t important to me. I’ve always thought of him as my lifelong partner, my best friend, and I never felt the need for marriage.”

However, she explained her decision to marry, saying, “To publicly confirm the certainty of our relationship to everyone,” and happily stated, “I’m becoming a May bride. I’m officially a married woman,” celebrating her new status.



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