Goo Hye Sun Clears Up “No Friends” Comment, Shares ‘Group Chat’ with Friends

Actress and director Goo Hye Sun addressed her recent statement about having “no friends,” which she talked about on “Golden Counseling Center.”

On May 30th, Goo Hye Sun replied “no” when asked if she had friends to share sadness with during an episode of Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center.”

She explained, “I prefer one-on-one interactions over hanging out in groups. Even when I talk to a friend about tough times, I end up feeling uneasy afterward. While others seek support from friends during hard times, I tend to handle things on my own. So, while I don’t have strict criteria for dating, I do have high standards for friendship.”

However, Goo Hye Sun took to her Instagram on the 7th to clarify her statement. She said, “I mentioned on the show that I don’t have ‘just friends’ and I’m selective about who I confide in (since I have a small circle of close friends). But it got twisted into ‘I have no friends’ and spread like that. So, with my friends’ permission, I’m sharing this to prove otherwise.”

She even posted screenshots of her mobile messenger chats, known as ‘group chats,’ with her real friends. In these chats, her friends teased her for taking two weeks to reply.

One of them joked, “Replying after two weeks? You’re a legend. Did you send that message from outer space?” while another said, “What’s even more frustrating is that you read the message a week ago.”

In response, Goo Hye Sun proudly stated, “I have younger siblings who tease me, and while I prefer one-on-one interactions, ironically, I also participate in ‘group chats.’ Although I’m not the most active in replying, I still join in (INTJ).”

Fans showed their support, saying, “We get it. Don’t mind the haters,” “Don’t let negative comments get to you. Those who know you will understand without any explanation,” “You don’t need to prove anything. Misunderstandings happen, just live your life,” and more.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun, who married actor Ahn Jae Hyun in 2016 and divorced in 2020, made headlines for graduating with top honors from Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Film and Video earlier this year.



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