EXO’s Suho Shares Heartfelt Story Behind “Your Turn” Track While Remembering Late Jonghyun

EXO‘s Suho opened up about his emotional connection to his friend while discussing the inspiration behind the lyrics of his track “Your Turn (Feat. Younha)” from his mini-album.

During the episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Season-Zico’s Artist” on the 7th, Suho made an appearance as a guest and reflected on his recent successful solo concert.

When Zico brought up, “I heard there’s a song that resonated the most with the audience during the concert,” Suho responded, “Yes, it’s a song called ‘Your Turn.'”

He went on, “I wrote the lyrics of this song while thinking about a close friend. We were tight even back in our trainee days and leaned on each other for support. We often talked about lifting each other’s spirits. Whenever I faced tough times, listening to my friend’s music brought me immense comfort,” revealing his deep bond.

Furthermore, Suho shared the backstory of the lyrics, explaining, “I often felt indebted to this friend. Now, I’ve included lyrics with the idea that it’s my turn to provide comfort.”

Upon hearing this, Zico inquired, “So, did you create the song solely with that friend in mind?” Suho nodded in agreement.

Observing Suho‘s heartfelt reaction, Zico offered words of solace, saying, “I believe the person this song is dedicated to (the friend) will listen to it with a smile. We all hope your emotions reach him.”

Suho, who performed “Your Turn” on stage, conveyed his sentiments, expressing, “Firstly, I hope that friend accepts my feelings, and I want to transmit the sentiments I received from him to all of you. I will strive to be an artist who brings solace through music and acting.”

It is known that the song “Your Turn,” for which Suho contributed to writing the lyrics, is dedicated to Jonghyun from the same-aged group SHINee.



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