BTS’s Jin Dominates Jamaica’s Deezer Chart with ‘The Astronaut,’ Just 4 Days Before Discharge

As BTS‘s Jin gears up for his discharge in just four days, he’s already making waves on global charts, hinting at an exciting comeback.

Jin‘s debut solo track, ‘The Astronaut,’ soared to the top of the ‘Deezer Top Songs Jamaica’ chart on the 7th, setting the stage for his solo journey.

His solo hits, like ‘Super Tuna‘ at 3rd place, ‘Tonight‘ at 4th, ‘Epiphany‘ at 5th, ‘Yours‘ at 6th, and ‘Abyss‘ at 7th, collectively clinched six spots in the TOP10, showcasing his musical prowess.

Last June, ‘The Astronaut‘ also ruled the ‘Top 100 Philippines Deezer Chart’ and had already claimed the 1st spot on the ‘Top 100 Jamaica Deezer Chart.’

Additionally, it was featured as the top track on the playlist ‘BEST OF K-POP 2022’ curated by Deezer K-POP editors, solidifying its widespread popularity.

Simultaneously, ‘The Astronaut‘ ascended to the top of the Hanteo Physical Album Chart on the same day, setting the stage for Jin’s upcoming solo endeavors post-discharge.

From ‘Super Tuna‘ to ‘Epiphany,’ Jin‘s solo repertoire, including collaborations like ‘It’s Definitely You’ from ‘Hwarang‘ sung with V, has consistently smashed records on various charts, showcasing his significant musical impact and global reach.

With his striking visuals and exceptional talent, Jin is poised to shine as a prominent solo artist, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his diverse solo ventures post-discharge.



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