Netizens Analyze Petition Urging Min Hee Jin’s Leave from HYBE

Recently, a petition has emerged calling for ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s departure from HYBE.

On May 27, a petition titled ‘MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company’ was created on the international petition site

The petitioner, identified as ARMY Forever, a fan presumed to support the global group BTS, explained the reason for initiating the petition, stating, “It has recently been revealed that a specific individual has been spreading false information about some groups like BTS, Ailee, and LE SSERAFIM and leading harassment campaigns.”

Naming Min Hee Jin as the specific individual, the petitioner urged for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Furthermore, compensation for the damages incurred by the company and artists due to Min’s actions was demanded.

The petition garnered the attention of Korean netizens, accumulating over 30,000 signatures, but it faced significant criticism.

They responded:

“What does this petition do anyway?”

“This ARMY is ridiculous.”

“Such nonsense.”

“This is so low.”

Bang Si Hyuk should resign from his chairman position.”

“This international fan is delusional.”

“What is this? lol.”

“This is just hilarious.”

“It’s them again.”

“This fan is not too smart, are they?”

“Please just don’t do anything and just stay quiet.”

“It’s the ARMYs again…”

What are your thoughts?



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