Lee Ji Hoon Engages with Japanese Fans as ‘Under Your Bed’ Hits Theatres

Exciting news for fans of actor Lee Ji Hoon as his film ‘Under Your Bed‘ makes its debut in Japan!

Originally premiered domestically in December last year, ‘Under Your Bed‘ hit Japanese theaters on May 31st, captivating audiences with its intriguing narrative.

Lead actor Lee Ji Hoon, alongside director Sabu, graced the stage at Cinema Shinjuku in Tokyo for a special greeting event held on May 31st and June 1st, coinciding with the film’s release in Japan.

Under Your Bed‘ delves into themes of deficiency and obsession through the complex relationships of its three central characters.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Asato Mari, the film is a remake of the eponymous novel and marks director Sabu’s first foray into Korean cinema, following his acclaim at international film festivals.

During the event, Lee Ji Hoon shared his admiration for director Sabu, affectionately describing him as a mentor figure, stating, “He is like a warm father figure to me. I enjoyed working on the film with director Sabu. I want to work on all of director Sabu’s future projects again.”

Expressing gratitude to the audience, he added, “It felt like a dream to see the poster in the movie theater. I am grateful to everyone who came to watch the movie.”

For fans eager to catch ‘Under Your Bed,’ the film is also available on various OTT platforms including Watcha, Wavve, Tving, and Coupang Play.

As Lee Ji Hoon continues to captivate audiences with his talent, fans can anticipate his upcoming project, ‘Bachelor’s Apartment,’ as he continues his active career trajectory.



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