Eclipse, Fictional Band from “Lovely Runner,” Drops Stunning K-pop Album

With the popularity of the drama ‘Lovely Runner,’ the fictional band Eclipse has also gained recognition.

Impressively, Eclipse has even made it onto the Billboard charts. On June 4, Billboard unveiled that “Shower” by Eclipse had debuted on the Billboard Global 200 chart at 199th place.

Notably, this chart ranks songs based solely on streaming and digital sales, without factoring in radio airplay scores.

Thanks to the group’s popularity, Eclipse was able to release a special album that has been the newest buzz in various online communities.

Korean fans and netizens were impressed with the quality of the special album and praised it as being like a real K-pop group’s album.

Korean netizens commented:

“Oh, the album is so pretty.”

“I should’ve bought the album.”

“I want to see mine quickly.”

“This is so like a K-pop group album.”

“It’s so pretty.”

“I want to buy this.”

Eclipse album is so nice.”

“The merch included in the album is so nice.”

“Wow, the quality is unbelievable.”

“This is a high-quality album.”

“I must buy it. Can I still purchase it?”

“Where can I get this?”

“You can really immerse yourself into the drama with this album now.”

“Never seen a drama make such good merch.”

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