Apink’s Yoon Bomi Shares Her Unique Interest: “I Enjoy Watching Athlete’s Foot Removal Video…”

Yoon Bomi, a beloved member of the group ‘Apink,’ recently surprised fans with her candid confession about her unusual YouTube viewing habits and her unexpected role as a foot caretaker for her father.

In a video released on the YouTube channel ‘Hyoyeon’s Level Up’ on the 6th, Yoon Bomi admitted to finding entertainment in watching videos of athlete’s foot and dead skin removal, confessing, “It’s really fun.”

Expressing her specific interest in watching ingrown toenail treatment videos, Yoon Bomi‘s revelation sparked laughter from Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon, who found it amusing yet slightly daunting. “I can watch pimple popping videos, but ingrown toenail treatment videos might be a bit tough,” she chuckled.

Demonstrating her caring nature, Yoon Bomi shared, “After indulging in athlete’s foot and dead skin removal videos, I equipped myself with all the necessary tools and took it upon myself to treat my dad’s feet.”

Emphasizing the importance of hygiene, she added, “I always wore gloves and a mask during the process.”

Hyoyeon, intrigued by Yoon Bomi‘s initiative, expressed her interest in trying foot treatments herself. In response, Yoon Bomi left fans intrigued with her playful remark, leaving them eager to hear more.



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