ILLIT’s Smash Hit “Magnetic” Continues to Dominate Billboard’s Global Charts!

ILLIT‘s powerhouse debut track, “Magnetic,” isn’t just a one-hit wonder—it’s a chart-topping phenomenon that refuses to step down!

In the latest Billboard charts dated June 8, “Magnetic,” the electrifying title track from ILLIT‘s inaugural mini-album, maintains its stronghold at 17th on the “Global (excluding US)” chart and an impressive 21st position on the Global 200, solidifying its place for a staggering 10 consecutive weeks.

But wait, there’s more! The mini-album ‘Super Real Me’ secures a lofty 7th spot on the esteemed ‘World Albums’ chart, while ILLIT themselves soar to the 23rd position on the ‘Emerging Artists’ chart, proving they’re not just here to play, they’re here to slay!

With “Magnetic” making waves globally, it’s no surprise it’s breaking records left and right. The track made history on Spotify as the fastest debut song by a K-pop girl group to reach a staggering 200 million streams.

And its reign doesn’t stop there—it continues to rock the Spotify ‘Weekly Top Songs Global’ chart, sitting pretty at 45th place for a remarkable 10 consecutive weeks.

What’s truly remarkable is that ILLIT‘s success comes sans any major promotions or activities in the US. Yet, “Magnetic” stormed the Billboard Hot 100 at a blazing 91st (April 20) and even secured a spot on the UK Official Singles Top 100 at a respectable 80th (April 5), setting new records as the first and fastest K-pop debut song to achieve such feats. Let that sink in!

And it’s not just the singles making waves—their album “Super Real Me” made its grand entrance onto the Billboard 200 chart at a commendable 93rd position (May 11).

Debuting on March 25 with the album “Super Real Me,” ILLIT ingeniously captures the essence of teenage realism and imagination. With the title track “Magnetic,” they beautifully express the whirlwind emotions of a teenage girl head over heels for someone special, enchanting K-pop enthusiasts both at home and across the globe.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned because ILLIT is here to stay, and they’re not backing down anytime soon!

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