“Hospital Playlist” Spin-off “Wise Resident Life” Starring Go Yoon Jung Postponed to Next Year

Fans eagerly awaiting the ‘Hospital Playlist’ spin-off, ‘Wise Resident Life,’ will need to exercise a bit more patience. According to media reports on June 6 KST, the tvN drama won’t be airing until 2025.

Originally slated for a late 2024 release as a Sat-Sun drama on tvN, ‘Wise Resident Life’ has been pushed back due to an already packed schedule. The upcoming lineup includes ‘The Auditors’ (starring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha) following ‘The Midnight Romance in Hagwon,’ then ‘Love Next Door’ (featuring Jung Hae In and Jung So Min), ‘Jeong Nyeon’ (with Kim Tae Ri and Shin Ye Eun), and ‘Love on a Single-Log Bridge’ (with Joo Ji Hoon and Jung Yoo Mi).

‘Wise Resident Life’ features Go Yoon Jung, Shin Si Ah, and Kang Yoo Suk, and revolves around the lives of professors and residents at a general hospital. While it initially generated buzz among ‘Hospital Playlist’ fans, the timing has proven problematic.

The ongoing protests by medical professionals in South Korea have cast a shadow over the release. In February 2024, the Yoon Seok Yeol administration unveiled plans to significantly increase medical school admissions, aiming to address the physician shortage by boosting yearly acceptance numbers from 3,058 to 5,058 by 2025. This move sparked outrage among practicing doctors who fear it could lower the quality of medical education and impact health insurance costs. As a result, many have staged walkouts, leading to public sentiment towards medical professionals hitting an all-time low.

Given the current climate, it appears that tvN has decided to delay ‘Wise Resident Life’ until 2025, hoping for a more favorable reception then.

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