Fictional Band Eclipse Makes Billboard Chart Debut Thanks to “Lovely Runner”

The captivating fictional band Eclipse, featured in the tvN drama “Lovely Runner,” has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a spot on the prestigious Billboard charts.

On June 4, Billboard unveiled that Eclipse’s track “Shower” had entered the Billboard Global 200 chart, claiming the 199th position.

This chart ranks songs based on streaming and digital sales, excluding radio airplay scores.

Among the notable entries on the Billboard Global 200 chart were NewJeans’ hits “How Sweet” (15th) and “Bubble Gum” (30th), aespa’s dynamic tracks “Supernova” (17th) and “Armageddon” (55th), ILLIT’s magnetic tune (21st), and BTS RM’s soulful “Lost!” (68th).

Eclipse’s inclusion, despite their fictional origins within a drama, underscores the immense popularity of “Lovely Runner.”

Interestingly, Eclipse has never graced music shows with a live performance, even though the drama concluded just a week ago.

Fans remain hopeful for a chance to witness their favorite fictional band on stage.

Fueling the excitement, rumors circulated that Eclipse—comprising Byeon Woo Seok, Lee Seung Hyub, Moon Si On, and Yang Hyuk—might appear at KCON, the renowned K-culture festival hosted by CJ ENM.

However, CJ ENM swiftly dispelled these rumors, stating, “The report is not true,” leaving fans both curious and disappointed.

As anticipation builds, the drama’s official soundtrack for “Lovely Runner” is slated for release on June 5, further igniting interest in Eclipse’s potential music show appearances.



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