Apink’s Bomi Lights Up as Brand Ambassador for ‘SundayPlanet47’!

Apink‘s radiant Yoon Bomi continues to spread positivity and charm as she embarks on a new journey as the face of SundayPlanet47!

On June 5th, Bomi‘s agency Choi Creative Lab proudly announced, “Bomi has been chosen as the inaugural ambassador for SundayPlanet47, a company dedicated to providing products and services for plant enthusiasts in indoor spaces.”

With her infectious warmth and approachable demeanor, Bomi has effortlessly captured the hearts of the public, establishing herself as a relatable and beloved figure.

Her unwavering integrity and wholesome image perfectly align with the values upheld by SundayPlanet47, promising a partnership brimming with authenticity and trustworthiness.

An official from SundayPlanet47 expressed their delight in selecting Bomi, stating, Bomi‘s radiant and positive energy resonates deeply with the ethos of our brand. As our inaugural brand ambassador, we believe her involvement will further enhance our reputation for approachability and reliability. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting journey with Bomi, hoping to introduce the joy of indoor plants to an even wider audience.”

With plans to participate in a myriad of brand campaigns and advertisements, Bomi aims to extend her influence and make a lasting impact in her new role.

Beyond her role in Apink, Bomi shines as a versatile talent, showcasing her prowess in acting, entertainment, and content creation. Recently, she wowed audiences with her portrayal of ‘Secretary Na’ in the hit tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears’.

In addition to her acting endeavors, Bomi delights fans with a variety of content on her official YouTube channel ‘BbomBbomBbom’, and can be seen showcasing her vibrant personality alongside fellow Apink member Namjoo on the MBC entertainment show ‘Song Stealer’.

With her boundless energy and undeniable charm, Bomi is set to illuminate SundayPlanet47’s brand journey, captivating audiences with her infectious enthusiasm and genuine passion for indoor plants.

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