Suzy Opens Up About Finding Happiness in Acting Compared to Idol Days

Former miss A member Suzy candidly shared her contentment with her current career as an actress after transitioning from being an idol.

On June 4, Suzy sat down with Wikitree for an interview ahead of the release of the movie ‘Wonderland.’

Wonderland,’ directed by Kim Tae Yong, known for hits like ‘Late Spring’ and ‘Familyhood,’ tells a touching story about reconnecting with loved ones through the video call service ‘Wonderland,’ which brings back the deceased using artificial intelligence.

In the film, Suzy portrays the character ‘Jung In,’ who reunites with her boyfriend Tae Joo (played by Park Bo Gum) using the ‘Wonderland’ service.

Suzy, who debuted as part of JYP Entertainment’s girl group miss A in 2010, ventured into acting with the KBS2 drama ‘Dream High Season 1’ the following year. After miss A disbanded in 2017, she also pursued a solo singing career but eventually shifted her focus primarily to acting.

Reflecting on her 15-year journey since debut, Suzy shared, “It’s funny. When I was younger, I didn’t find my past self cute. But now, looking back, I think the younger Suzy was adorable.”

She chuckled and added, “Sometimes I watch old videos and wonder why I did certain things. Maybe it’s because my memories are fading that I find my younger self even cuter.”

Suzy expressed that she finds more satisfaction in her current life as an actress compared to her idol days.

She explained, “When I was younger, I had little free time and everything felt like a competition. I didn’t have the chance to reflect on my life or see it from a different perspective. So, instead of finding it tough at the time, I remember struggling because I was young and inexperienced.”

She continued, “Nowadays, I have more time to reflect on my life, which makes me much happier. But I think I appreciate these feelings because of the challenges I faced back then.”

Meanwhile, ‘Wonderland‘ is set to hit theaters in Korea on June 5.



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