SM Entertainment Shuts Down Claims about NCT’s Johnny and Haechan in Japan

SM Entertainment has stepped forward to address the recent rumors surrounding NCT‘s Johnny and Haechan.

On June 4, the agency made it clear that there’s no truth to the circulating rumors suggesting the two NCT members were involved in inappropriate activities with fans in Japan.

They firmly stated their intention to take strong legal action against the spreading of baseless rumors.

In a statement, SM Entertainment emphasized, “We want to set the record straight. The rumors circulating online regarding NCT‘s Johnny and Haechan, including claims of involvement in prostitution and drugs, are completely false. These malicious rumors severely damage the reputation of our artists.”

The agency also expressed concerns about ongoing false rumors and malicious attacks against not only NCT members but also other artists under their management, such as Heechul.

SM Entertainment made it clear that they wouldn’t tolerate such defamation. They announced their plans to take decisive legal action against those responsible for spreading these groundless rumors, stating, “We’ve gathered substantial evidence related to these false claims and will pursue legal consequences without leniency, regardless of the nationality of the individuals involved.”

SM Entertainment‘s full statement below:

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Currently, there are unspeakably provocative rumors such as NCT’s Johnny and Haechan being involved with prostitution and drugs that are spreading indiscriminately online. We have confirmed that these rumors are untrue and that this criminal act seriously damages the artist’s reputation.

Additionally, there have been untrue rumors and malicious slander continually created against NCT members and other SM artists, including Heechul.

We have already collected sufficient data on several posts related to the content in question, and we plan not to sit idly by and ensure that the relevant actors are legally punished without leniency or agreement, regardless of nationality.

Please be aware that even at this moment, any act of posting malicious posts may be subject to punishment.

Thank you.”

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