Petitions Surface Urging Min Hee Jin’s Exit from HYBE Amidst Power Struggle

A heated battle brews within the realms of HYBE as tensions escalate between Min Hee Jin, the CEO of ADOR, and the powerhouse label itself. In a dramatic turn of events, a fervent plea has surfaced, demanding Min Hee Jin‘s swift departure from HYBE.

Aptly titled “MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company,” the petition made its debut on the global petition platform on May 27.

The petitioner, going by the moniker ARMY Forever, seemingly a devoted fan backing the illustrious BTS, laid bare the motives behind igniting this digital uproar. “It has recently been revealed that a specific individual has been spreading false information about some groups like BTS, Ailee, and LE SSERAFIM and leading harassment campaigns,” the petitioner elucidated, pointing fingers directly at Min Hee Jin.

A clarion call for a thorough inquiry into these allegations rang loud, coupled with demands for reparations for any harm inflicted upon the company and its artists due to Min‘s purported actions.

Not stopping there, the petitioner furnished translated articles shedding light on Min Hee Jin‘s alleged misdeeds, along with excerpts from KakaoTalk conversations between Min Hee Jin and a mysterious figure identified as ‘A’. As the clock struck 7 PM on the same day, a staggering 21,702 signatures adorned the petition, with a lofty goal set at 25,000 fervent endorsements.

Furthermore, the comment section morphed into a battleground of opinions, with resounding cries for Min Hee Jin‘s resignation echoing through statements like “We don’t want her near BTS and “Vacate the 16th floor.”

As the saga unfolds, stay tuned to allkpop for the latest developments on this gripping power struggle within HYBE!



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