Netizens are Happy with Taeyeon’s Healthier Glowup with Recent Weight Gain

In the buzzing world of K-pop online, fans are all abuzz about Taeyeon‘s recent weight gain.

In a culture where beauty standards are often rigidly enforced, celebrities’ weights are a hot topic. Many stars feel the pressure to stick to strict diets.

But breaking away from the usual chatter, netizens are applauding Taeyeon‘s fuller figure. They’re loving her newfound radiance.

Korean netizens couldn’t help but notice the positive change and shared their thoughts:

“She looks so much better.”

“She was too skinny before.”

“She’s adorable now.”

“She’s like when she debuted.”

“Didn’t gain much!”

“She’s prettier with some weight.”

“So lovely!”

“Cuter, too.”

“She’s lively and radiant.”



“Celebs should follow her.”

“Glad she gained weight.”

It’s heartening to see the love and support for Taeyeon‘s healthier look!



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