Lee Jung Jae Shares Challenges of Filming ‘Acolyte’: “Practiced English Until My Tongue Hurt”

Actor Lee Jung Jae, who recently joined the Star Wars universe with the Disney+ drama ‘Acolyte‘, spilled some behind-the-scenes details about the filming process.

Appearing as a guest on Sung Si-kyung’s YouTube channel, Lee Jung Jae revealed, “We shot the 8 episodes of ‘Acolyte’ over a period of 8 months.”

He explained that he dedicated two months before filming to practice martial arts and study English, as there were many English lines in the series.

When Sung Si-kyung complimented his English skills after watching the trailer,Lee Jung Jae humbly responded, “I’m embarrassed. I’m not that good at English.”

Asked about his English practice routine, Lee Jung Jae mentioned, “We had four dialogue coaches, and we practiced together every day.”

He emphasized that the focus was more on pronunciation than emotions, with coaches encouraging him to discuss emotional nuances directly with the director.

Lee Jung Jae described the intensity of his English practice, saying, “As I kept correcting my pronunciation and rehearsing with coaches, my tongue got so worn out that it was difficult to eat. Even when I slept, I had to whisper when I woke up.” This revelation surprised Sung Si-kyung.

Admiring Lee Jung Jae‘s dedication, Sung Si-kyung remarked, “No pain, no gain. Didn’t the production crew praise you for your hard work?”

However, Lee Jung Jae expressed his nervousness, saying, “While the director and staff praised me, what matters most is the audience’s response.”

Meanwhile, ‘Acolyte‘ is a mystery action thriller set in the golden age of the Jedi Knights, unraveling an unprecedented Jedi serial murder case and the emergence of a dark force hidden within the secrets of the era.



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