H1-KEY Unveils Bold New Look in ‘LOVE or HATE’ Concept Photos

The anticipation for H1-KEY’s comeback reaches new heights as the group reveals their striking concept photos for their 3rd mini-album, ‘LOVE or HATE’.

At midnight on the 5th, H1-KEY treated fans to the ‘true’ version of their group concept photo via their official SNS account.

The image exudes a confident yet free-spirited charm, capturing attention with its bold styling. Posing on a sofa in various intriguing ways, the members showcase a unique presence that hints at a more intense transformation for their upcoming comeback.

In another captivating photo, the H1-KEY members lock eyes with the camera, their charismatic expressions heightened by a mysterious red lighting.

Their visuals stand out, leaving fans eager to explore the new image they’ll present through ‘LOVE or HATE’.

This album promises to be different from their previous warm and emotional concepts, as H1-KEY delivers their unique message. Mark your calendars: ‘LOVE or HATE’ drops on various music platforms at 6 PM KST on the 19th.

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