BTS Fans Aren’t Happy with Festa 2024 Merchandise!

Fans of the mega K-pop group BTS aren’t holding back their disappointment with the latest Festa 2024 merchandise, released annually to celebrate the group’s debut anniversary.

Taking to social media and online communities, fans expressed their frustration, calling out the lackluster designs and high prices.

Here’s what some fans had to say:

“Are they even trying with the designs?”

“Where’s the effort?”

“Why all the hot pink?”

“Looks like zero effort.”

HYBE seems to be slacking.”

“Even if it was dirt cheap, I wouldn’t buy it.”

“The prices are outrageous.”

“Do they think we’re dumb?”

“The design is just awful.”

“It’s just the logo slapped on a shirt and sweater, and even the logo isn’t nice.”

“Merch is terrible and overpriced.”

“They didn’t even consider BTS‘s status.”

“Such a letdown.”

Seems like fans are feeling pretty disappointed with this year’s offerings.



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