BIGBANG’s Daesung Shares Heartfelt Childhood Memory of Unrequited Love

Prepare for a journey down memory lane as BIGBANG‘s Daesung bares his soul, recounting a tender tale of youthful infatuation on the latest episode of MBN’s ‘Korea-Japan Top Ten Show,’ which aired on June 4 KST.

Amidst a stirring singing competition themed around ‘hidden love songs’ between Korea and Japan, the MC delved into Daesung‘s past, unraveling the threads of his first crush.

Reflecting on days gone by, Daesung unveiled, “During elementary school, I had a crush on a girl from first to fourth grade.”

With a heart heavy with longing, Daesung reminisced, “I really wanted to confess my feelings to her.”

However, fate had other plans as the specter of transferring schools loomed large. Daesung confessed, “I contemplated leaving after mustering the courage to express my feelings, despite knowing it was a long shot.”

Summoning every ounce of bravery, Daesung poured his heart out to his crush before bidding farewell to his school days, uttering those fateful words, “I like you.”

Yet, in a cruel twist of fate, overwhelming embarrassment cloaked him, preventing him from hearing her response, leaving him with naught but the echo of his own confession as he embarked on a new chapter in a different school.



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