NCT WISH Members Receives Laughter as Fans Notice They Splurged on Haribo Gummy Bear Bracelets

Recently, fans noticed that the NCT WISH members had purchased adorable friendship bracelets.

In an episode of ‘Wish List,’ the members set out on a mission and found themselves at a clothing store where they discovered adorable Haribo gummy bear bracelets.

When they saw the bracelets, the members were drawn to the accessories and discussed among themselves whether to purchase them as friendship bracelets.

The bracelets were being sold at a store for 28,000 KRW (approximately 20.41 USD) each. After some consideration, the members decided to buy 6 bracelets, totaling 168,000 KRW (approximately 122.45 USD).

However, fans quickly noticed that the NCT WISH members might have overpaid for the bracelets.

Netizens pointed out that the same bracelets were available online for only 11,000 KRW (approximately 8 USD) for adult-sized ones and 6,900 KRW (approximately 5 USD) for children’s sizes.

Korean netizens and fans commented:

“I thought the members purchased them for cheap, but it wasn’t.”

“They overpaid, lol.”

“They need to stop their impulse buying.”

“They were scammed!”

“They paid so much for them.”

“Someone help.”

“This is so cute.”

“I guess they paid for the cute memory together.”

“They should’ve checked the price beforehand.”

“LOL, so expensive!”

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