Fans Voice Discontent Against Pledis for Lack of Promotions for fromis_9

Amidst the ongoing turmoil surrounding HYBE LABELS and the conflict with ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin, fans of the girl group fromis_9 have initiated a three-day protest against Pledis Entertainment, a subsidiary under HYBE LABELS.

The Flover Global Alliance expressed concerns that the treatment of the group shifted following Lee Da Hye‘s appointment as CEO in 2022.

Alongside truck protests, they took their grievances online, utilizing hashtags such as #이다혜플레디스직무유기해명해 (LeeDaHye_explain_dereliction_of_duty) and #플레디스구체적인활동계획발표해 (PLEDIS_announce_detailed_promotions), accompanied by an official notice.

According to the alliance’s notice in English, they perceived a significant decline in the group’s support and promotional activities since Lee Da Hye assumed the role of CEO. Their grievances include:

  • Reduced frequency and quality of official content uploads
  • Unannounced comeback delays and communication blackout in March 2023
  • Inadequate support during the 1st album ‘Unlock My World’ activities
  • Insufficient promotion via official accounts and press releases
  • Neglect of overseas fandoms
  • Frequent reuse of stage outfits

The alliance demanded that Lee Da Hye and PLEDIS make the following changes:

  • Cease making hollow promises and release a detailed plan on supporting fromis_9
  • Explain the reasons behind the reduced support for fromis_9 activities since her tenure as CEO
  • Demonstrate through actions that her appointment is not due to her association with Bang Si Hyuk, HYBE‘s chairman

Fans expressed dismay at the treatment of the group despite their eagerness to perform and make a comeback.

Meanwhile, the resignation of PLEDIS‘s visual director has stirred further speculation among fans.

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