Fans Gush Over NewJeans’ Danielle, Calling Her the Real-Life Ayako from “Slam Dunk”

NewJeansDanielle has recently drawn comparisons to Ayako, a character from the popular Japanese animation ‘Slam Dunk.’

Fans and netizens in online communities have been marveling at Danielle’s beauty, noting her resemblance to a real-life anime character.

It all started with a series of photos featuring Danielle wearing a sports jersey. Korean netizens quickly noticed the anime-like visuals and drew parallels between her appearance and that of Ayako from ‘Slam Dunk.’

Here are some of the comments from Korean netizens:

“She’s really Ayako from Slam Dunk.”

“I didn’t watch Slam Dunk, so I didn’t know which character. When I searched for Ayako, I realized Danielle looked just like her. Lol.”

“She’s gorgeous.”

“She’s so pretty.”

“She looks like a real-life anime character.”

“She’s so cute.”

“She’s prettier than Ayako.”

“She looks great with curly hair.”

“She really resembles Ayako.”

“I love her airport fashion.”

“I was doubting whether she’d look like an anime character, but she definitely does.”

“She’s unbelievably pretty.”

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