Actor Song Geon Hee’s Near Career Pause Revealed Despite “Lovely Runner” Success

TvN’s romantic-comedy “Lovely Runner” (also known as “Run Away With Sun-Jae On Piggyback”) recently wrapped up its finale, captivating audiences with its unique time-slip storyline penned by the acclaimed True Beauty screenwriter Lee Si Eun. Starring Byeon Woo Seok as Ryu Sun Jae and Kim Hye Yoon as Im Sol, the drama has garnered attention for its intriguing narrative.

The show’s second male lead, Kim Tae Sung, portrayed by Song Geon Hee, emerged as a fan favorite amidst the series’ popularity.

However, in a candid interview with The Fact, Song Geon Hee disclosed that he had contemplated stepping away from acting, nearly putting a halt to his career.

He revealed experiencing a slump following his appearance in the 2023 K-Drama “Joseon Attorney: A Morality,” marking his twelfth project since his debut in 2018.

“After ‘Joseon Attorney: A Morality,’ I felt shattered. I experienced burnout and was consumed by various thoughts. I contemplated taking a break from work,” Song Geon Hee confessed.

Yet, the portrayal of Kim Tae Sung in “Lovely Runner” sparked a change within him. He reflected, “Meeting Tae Sung altered my perspective.

As filming progressed, I realized my inner calmness. The idea of taking a break gradually dissipated.”

Expressing gratitude for the love and support garnered from “Lovely Runner” and its fans, Song Geon Hee expressed his aspirations for the future, hoping to continue honing his craft and repaying the viewers’ support through his future endeavors.

“If given the opportunity, I aspire to continue striving in my career. Concurrently, I aim to cherish my time as a 28-year-old,”

Song Geon Hee remarked. “To the viewers who showered me with love, thanks to your unwavering support for my character Kim Tae Sung, I have gained significant motivation. While uncertain about future projects, I pledge to reciprocate your support by immersing myself in diverse characters once again.”

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