Song Geon Hee says he almost missed ‘Lovely Runner’ due to burnout, “Now, I see it was a great choice”

Song Geon Hee recently talked about how he almost didn’t join ‘Lovely Runner‘.

On the June 3rd episode of KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Lee Eun Ji‘s Gayo Plaza’, Song Geon Hee, who plays Kim Tae Seong in tvN’s ‘Lovely Runner‘, shared his story.

Host Lee Eun Ji asked, “Is it true you were planning to go on the Santiago pilgrimage before accepting the role of Kim Tae Seong?”

Song Geon Hee explained he was thinking about going on the Santiago pilgrimage because he was feeling burnt out. He said, “I was debating whether to go, but Tae Seong’s character was so interesting. I couldn’t say no.”

Song Geon Hee said that playing Tae Seong helped him heal. He shared, “There were tough times while acting, but I felt more relaxed.” He added, “Now, I think it was a great choice.”



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