Min Hee Jin Shares Heartwarming Selfie with S.E.S. Members Bada and Eugene

Min Hee Jin, CEO of Ador, the agency behind NewJeans, recently melted hearts on social media with a nostalgic post. She shared a throwback selfie featuring herself alongside S.E.S. members Bada and Eugene.

The caption, “2016. See you soon,” accompanied the photo, taken during the production of S.E.S.’s 20th anniversary album in 2016.

This selfie isn’t just a picture; it symbolizesMin Hee Jin‘s appreciation for Bada and Eugene. The two have been unwavering pillars of support, standing by her side through thick and thin.

Their enduring friendship and professional respect have not gone unnoticed, capturing the admiration of fans and colleagues alike.

In response, Bada acknowledged the challenges young idols face today, emphasizing the resilience required even in ordinary circumstances.

She offered words of encouragement, urging all young idols to navigate these beautiful yet arduous times and emerge as happier, more authentic versions of themselves.

Eugene also chimed in, expressing her support for Min Hee-jin after a favorable court ruling against HYBE.

She praised Min Hee Jin‘s cool and competent demeanor, recalling their brief interaction. Eugene‘s appreciation for NewJeans‘ music and charm, along with Min Hee Jin‘s retro aesthetic, solidified her as a dedicated fan, eagerly anticipating their continued journey together.



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