MC Mong Steps into Executive Producer Role for BADVILLAIN’s Grand Debut!

Get ready for a seismic shift in the K-pop landscape as MC Mong takes the reins as executive producer for Big Planet Made‘s newest sensation, BADVILLAIN.

In a thrilling announcement on the 3rd, Big Planet Made Entertainment revealed, “Under the moniker ‘Villain36,’ MC Mong has assumed the role of executive producer for BADVILLAIN. With boundless dedication, MC Mong has crafted Bad Villain into the quintessential 5th generation girl group.”

While MC Mong has left an indelible mark in the industry with his solo endeavors and collaborative projects, this marks his inaugural venture into launching a group, placing his name front and center.

A luminary of the 2000s K-pop era, MC Mong‘s chart-topping hits including “180 Degrees,” “Circus,” and “A Letter to You” resonate to this day, showcasing his unparalleled knack for creating music that captivates the masses.

The anticipation for what the maestro MC Mong has in store for his girl group knows no bounds.

Last month, on the 20th, MC Mong sent shockwaves through social media with his bold proclamation, stating, “An artist is not about money.”

This bold stance has ignited speculation about his potential to address the longstanding issues within the K-pop sphere.

The buzz surrounding BADVILLAIN is palpable. Despite their debut single slated for release on the 3rd at 6 PM, the group has already garnered attention with an offer for a debut showcase in the United States.

Moreover, the performance music video for BADVILLAIN‘s electrifying track “Hurricane,” dropped on the 5th of last month, is on the cusp of reaching a staggering 3 million views.

Stay tuned as MC Mong and BADVILLAIN prepare to shake up the industry like never before!

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