Choi Ji Woo Joins ‘The Return of Superman’ as Newest Supermom

Actress Choi Ji Woo is gearing up to bring her charm and warmth to the beloved KBS 2TV show ‘The Return of Superman.’

A representative from the program confirmed to OSEN on the 3rd, “Choi Ji Woo will be stepping into the role of the new parental figure, succeeding actress So Yoo-jin.

Her first filming session is slated for the 7th, with her debut episode scheduled to grace screens on the 16th.”

Choi Ji Woo, who tied the knot with a non-celebrity husband in 2018, welcomed her adorable daughter into the world in 2020, marking a joyous chapter in her life at the age of 46.

Her journey into motherhood at a later stage has become a beacon of hope for those contemplating starting a family later in life.

Recently, she shared words of encouragement on the online entertainment show ‘Shin Dong-yup’s Bitter Brother,’ imparting, “If I can embrace motherhood at this stage, I hope it brings solace to those preparing for parenthood later in life.”

The Return of Superman‘ is a heartwarming reality program that captures the endearing moments shared between children and their fathers as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenting.

Tune in every Sunday at 9:15 PM KST for a dose of laughter, love, and family bonding.

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